2019 Uganda Browns Bridge InsideOut


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Team members will spend a week in a Ugandan village serving Champions United FC. Champions United is building the next generation of Ugandan leaders by leveraging sports as a tool to connect capable mentors with children. Champions United's greatest impact occurs as a coach and player build a long term, mentoring relationship. You have the opportunity to help our coaches by joining forces and investing in our children. Over the course of the week, you will facilitate a high-energy, 2-day UpStreet-style camp for kids, utilize a fun and interactive hygiene curriculum in local schools, and engage with local families as you visit them in their huts and homes. On this highly relational trip, you will be inspired by a team of coaches that mentor children by investing their lives, and you'll have a blast with some of the greatest people you'll ever meet.

We need 28 students and leaders who are actively involved in InsideOut at Browns Bridge. This is not an athletic sports camp, thus sport skills are not required. Having fun is! 

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A Message from Heath

By Heath Miller on 1/23/2019

Our team of adults and students will spend a week in a Ugandan vill...

Cost: $3,980.00 due 7/2/2019

Milestone Amount Due Date
Security Deposit (NON-REFUNDABLE) $200.00 1/27/2019
30% - 13 weeks prior to departure $1,194.00 4/16/2019
50% - at time of ticketing $1,990.00 5/17/2019
80% - 5 weeks prior to departure $3,184.00 6/11/2019
100% - 2 weeks prior to departure $3,980.00 7/2/2019
Name Description Location Date Required?
First Team Meeting - Parents and Students Browns Bridge Church Auditorium Jan 27 2019 2:45 PM - 4:30 PM EST Yes
Support Letter - stuff envelopes, address'm, stamp'm, and mail'm meeting There is no IO on Sunday (2/10), so we will meet at the Sheintal's to work together to stuff envelopes, address'm, stamp'm, and mail'm.
The meeting will start at 4pm.
Bring your support letters and address list.
The Sheintal's 2516 Bagley Road Cumming, GA 30041 Feb 10 2019 3:00 PM - Jan 26 2019 5:00 PM EST Yes
Team Meeting (before IO) check in on fund raising
discuss trip specifics
hang out ~ and get to know eachother better
the Studio - the room where we had our Globalx breakout meeting Mar 10 2019 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM EDT Yes
Security Training - Parents and Students North Point Community Church West Auditorium - required for those who have not attended previously Mar 16 2019 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT Yes
Team Meeting followed by dinner at Moe’s or Taco Bell Inspired by Cinco de Mayo.
Branded and Lead by Grace Turner
BB - the Studio May 5 2019 6:00 PM EDT Yes
UG Lake Day at the Burns hang, spend the night, hang
The Burns lake house Jul 10 2019 4:00 PM - Jul 11 2019 6:00 PM EDT Yes
Form Description Due Date Required?
Adult Team, Financial, Talent, and Medical Agreements These forms are for reference only and will be sent to sign electronically. Your trip leader will go over the team member Code of Conduct at a team meeting, which will also be included with the forms that you will sign electronically. 4/16/2019 Required
Minor Team, Financial, Talent, and Medical Agreements These forms are for reference only and will be sent to sign electronically. 4/16/2019 Required
Parental Consent Form You must submit the original signed/notarized copy. 4/16/2019 Required
  1. Application
  2. All adults will need to submit to a Background Check
  3. Valid Passport - Expiration date must be 6 months after trip return date
  4. All team members must agree to the terms of our Team, Financial, Talent, and Medical Agreements, which can be found in the Forms section. Adults will also review the Code of Conduct with the team leader which will be included with the electronic forms that will be signed.
  1. All students must be involved in InsideOut at Browns Bridge Church

28 going


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Mikaela Zach
(678) 892-5619