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2019 Philippines Service

Jan 25 - Feb 4, 2019
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About Us

Our mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by serving our international community. We have decided to focus on just three things. We partner with exceptional organizations, or Global Partners, to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of at-risk families and children. We help churches, we call them our Strategic Partners, create churches that unchurched people love to attend. And we guide, prepare, and equip our church attendees for short-term (globalX trips) and long-term service (full-time missionaries).


4/1/17-4/8/17. The Most Life Altering Week.

By Mary Grace Moore on 10/9/2018

Our first day arriving at the school was absolutely incredible. The...

My first trip to Costa Rica

By Sandy Wise on 8/9/2018

The week my husband entered heaven, my daugher, Bekah, asked me to ...

Kenya 2018

By Alex Morgan on 8/6/2018

As you all know, I traveled halfway across the world to Kenya, Afri...

Final day in the field

By Gregory Goad on 7/20/2018

Good evening, We've had another jam packed day of experiencin...


People Engaged with global(x)

Avery Hickman Brad Stephen Will Fortanbary Jacob Viccari Jeffery Trotter Amy Alvarez Seung Chan Baik Hudson Phillips Sheyna Perera Caroline  Trotter Bailey  Massa Heather Langford Peter Yu Virginia Wiggins Reese Hammond Justin McCurley Erik Johnson Bennie Bates Scott Baynton Hannah Reeves Nicole Pearson Dane Viker Paige Long David Brady Katherine Willingham Tony Bini Kristina  Arcury Caroline Paine Danielle Hester Camille  Allison Kalie Willard Olivia  Fiorillo Scott Brown Courtney Anderson Connor Ferguson Kate Dahlin Zach Poppe Lauren Whitmore Rachel Allen emme sebok Troy Whitlow Bena DeVaney Janessa Harris Emilie Sullivan Donna Weitz Eliza Hitch Caleb Meadows Adrienne Grabowski Sue Taylor Jennifer Jenkins Mason Beard Heidi Merlo Jon Gullett Lindsey Lawton Meredith Guffey Lacey Brumfield Wayne Henderson Michelle Krilov Catie Campbell Caroline Harris Walker Weston Andrew Sawyer Lisa Lastinger Caleb Apinis Andrew Holcombe Cameron  Story Lindsey Hayes Hannah Williams Jennifer Scholle Lexi Lowman Madison Winship Jeffrey Hardy Evan Gibson Michael Jones Avery Sheintal James Brown Paige Minear Emily Davis Diana Reis Danielle Sherwood Savannah Sabol Heather Robinson Whitney Reuschel Jessica Gaynor Laurie Douglas Lucas Clark Alyssa Cunningham Kristina Chapple Aubree Goldin Hannah Garcia Lindsey Chenault Hannah Freeman Ashley  Amacher Brenda Eller Alex Morgan Donny Joiner Bryan Sellers Jennifer Gideon Cheryl Rowland Wayne Turner

Past Opportunities


2018 Haiti Singles 1

Nov 10-17, 2018
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Application closed

2018 Kenya Medical 2

Nov 1-10, 2018
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