Good evening,

We've had another jam packed day of experiencing the Love of God. This morning our team finished the last of our jobs. We were able to finish 3 floors and do one more VBS. It was my first day doing VBS, the experience is electric. After lunch the village had a small fiesta planned for us to celebrate what we've accomplished as they worked along side us.

The fiesta started with a prayer from the local community leader / pastor, then they said some thank you's. The children from the school followed up with the Honduran National Anthem and then we sang ours. The kids from the school then sang the songs and did the dances we taught them in VBS which was ones our kids learned in Wamba Land and Up Street. It was beautiful to know that something our church is doing to teach our children on Sundays and what they also do in their serving positions in Wamba, Up Street, and Transit. After that we had a soda cookie party with everyone there. It was emotional for most of the kids to say goodbye to the kids and the families we worked with side by side.

Tonight after dinner we had devotional time with the whole Ranch staff. They thanked us for our hard work and invited us back again sometime. They sang us a song in Spanish then we sang the first verse to Come to the Alter and Reckless Love acapello. They brought out fresh lemonade and a cake for us all.

We are breaking away to do our small group for tonight.
I'll leave you with this verse.
1 Corinthians 16

Mucho Love pray for safe travels tomorrow to the city we are staying in to be close to the airport.


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