Good morning from the dining hall.

Good Morning,
Everyone is sore this morning from mixing and carrying concrete. Yesterday most of the teams poured floors for the villages. My team specifically yesterday morning, we were able to get two rooms done for them and had extra material left over, so we were able to make a concrete pad leading to their shower, latrine, and sink. The home owner was so excited we went above and beyond. You could see in her face and expression she was so grateful for us and what we were doing. So from the funds we raised a portion was given to HOI and is paying for all of our projects. So not only are we working alongside the Honduran people but they know we supported their specific projects.

Every day for lunch we've been eating in the local church in the village. They have ocelating fans and a big room, so it's makes for a great lunch spot! Our guide from HOI is named Marta she's awesome and calls all of us her babies. The kitchen at HOI puts lunch for us together everyday and it's hot usually. One day we even had fried chicken and it will hold strong next to any chicken joint in Atlanta. Then a cooler full of cold Gatorade.

Each afternoon coming back to the Ranch sharing stories on the porch and snacking on plantain chips has been a highlight of the day along with our evening devotional time. Each night everyone has dug in and shared their hearts. Ashley and Jessica have done an unprecedented job leading us in song and worship every evening.

Looking forward to a packed jam day while we finish up breakfast, Oh and the coffee here is superb! That's a win for the team leaders. Have a wonderful day and I'll leave you with 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.

Love to all our families, friends, and donors that made this experience possible.


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