Come over to Macedonia ...

“You’re going where?”
That’s the first question we heard as we began to share news of our journey.
“Where is Macedonia?”
That was the second question, usually followed by “Why?”
Initially, we all had the same questions.
An often-overlooked country, land-locked in Southern Europe, it was the region that changed the course of Paul’s missionary journey. Macedonia as we know it today has been ruled by an endless stream of invading countries and peoples, most recently the Soviet Union post-WWII. But it has long left communism behind and despite challenges with unstable neighbors (five of them) and a long-standing battle with Greece over its name (that’s another story altogether), Macedonia has undergone a revival of sorts in its architecture and tourism.
So, to the third question — “Why?”
For nearly a decade, global(x), the mission arm of North Point Ministries, has been sending teams to Skopje, the capital city, to work with our sister church Soulcraft and the 25th of May orphanage.
Nikola Galevski and his family, along with a phenomenal missionary Elizabeth Burton, have been connecting and nurturing these children, offering friendship, guidance, and love in a way many have never known, as well as a hope that their lives can be better, that there is more.
So now we go to join them — Renee, Robert, Dianne, Carly, Pete, Erin, Morgan, Deborah, Meghan and myself. We have some beautiful souls leading our team — Meg, Stephanie and Sheyna.
And that brings us to the other answer to that question of why — God has called us. We don’t really know why, but He has something for us in this tiny country. That’s the beauty of following God. It’s an adventure. He will take you places you have never imagined. He will break your heart over injustice, or poverty, or lost children. He will move you to register for a trip halfway around the world to a place many would be unable to find on a map.
The truth of it all is that we all know we are going be blessed just as much as we hope to bless these children at the 25th of May. God is moving, He’s stirring us and He’s also chosen you to join us. You answered our call for support and so you, too, will be working. What a privilege for us all!
We’ll be updating you daily on our experiences, sharing photos and moments that will hopefully make you smile and warm your heart, but also remind us of the great need around this broken world for believers to not only have faith, but put that faith in action.
Thank you all for your support, both financially and through fervent prayer.


“’Come over to Macedonia and help us’ … As soon as he had seen the vision, Paul got ready to leave, concluding God had called him …” Acts 16:9-10

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