Haiti - My First Mission Trip

Wow! What an exciting and nerve raking feeling.

I will be going on my first Mission Trip to Haiti with a small group through the church I attend in Atlanta, GA. Attending a mission trip has always sounded like a fun idea, hearing about it through other people, listening to their stories and journey. Not until recently had those stories of other people been anything more than that.

When I heard about this opportunity, I thought long and hard about it. I spoke with people I really look to for guidance and feedback, and after much prayer, I decided this was the right thing for me. It is now my time to see what it's all about, experience the feeling of being able to contribute my time, attention and energy to groups of people I have never met.

I will be leaving for this Mission Trip, and head to Haiti in September 2017, for a week.

I ask that you keep me in your thoughts and prayers! I will make sure to take many pictures and share them with you all, share my story and experiences too!

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