2020 Mexico (Monterrey) Browns Bridge InsideOut

May 29 2020 - Jun 4 2020
Monterrey, MX


About the Journey

Through our partnership with Back2Back Ministries, this student team will head to Monterrey, Mexico. It’s a resort city “off the beaten track” and is known for its breathtaking beaches, historic landmarks, and big-game fishing. It’s known mostly as a tourist destination, but in stark contrast, it also has a high rate of poverty.

We’re proud to partner with Back2Back Ministries, a nonprofit organization dedicated to loving and caring for orphans and vulnerable children. They work to meet the children’s spiritual, physical, educational, emotional, and social needs so that they might overcome the cycle of generational poverty. 

This student team will help with a mix of projects to improve the physical living conditions in local children’s homes and maybe even in a local family’s home. You’ll spend time playing with the children and might even take them on a field trip for some extra fun! 
children by sharing the love of Jesus and helping make their lives a little better is life-giving. It’s an experience that will have long-lasting effects. If you’re interested in taking this journey, apply now. 

Please only apply for ONE student trip at a time.

New for 2020!

You're busy enough, so we're taking some things off your to-do list! We've reduced the number of forms you need to complete, simply by adding a few questions to the global(x) application. Students, if you are under the age of 18 and will be at the time of travel, you will need a parent present to help you complete this part of the application. Lastly, no more paper copies of your passport are needed, just upload it in your application or to your ServiceReef profile, and you're done!

About global(x)

global(x) is a part of North Point Ministries. global(x) provides meaningful journeys for teams to serve at-risk people in communities around the world. We want to help combine faith and service to help make life better for those in need.

6 going

Jen Sitton



Due 5/15/2020

$150.00 Deposit Due 1/17/2020
$600.00 30% - at time of flight number confirmation Due 2/17/2020
$1,000.00 50% - at time of ticketing Due 4/4/2020
$1,600.00 80% Due 4/24/2020
$2,000.00 100% Due 5/15/2020


Feb 9 2020

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM EST

Monterrey Team Meeting 1 Required

Browns Bridge Church, Upstreet Room C110

This is our first team meeting. We will be discussing our partners, Back2Back and how we will be working with them while in Monterrey. We will also be discussing FUNdraising, important dates, documents as well as additional meetings we will be having prior to our May 29th departure.

Mar 1 2020

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST

Monterrey Team Meeting 2 Required

Browns Bridge Church, Upstreet Room C110 and Los Rios Mexican for team dinner after IO.

We will be meeting to learn more about Back2Back (our partner organization we will be serving), answer questions, collect consent forms and then eat Mexican after IO at Los Rios. Dinner is not mandatory, but we’d love it if everyone could be there!

Mar 14 2020 - Mar 15 2020

3:00 PM - 10:00 AM EDT

Monterrey Team Meeting 3 - Overnight Retreat Required

The address is 4267 Cherokee Trail, Gainesville, GA 30504 Look for the green, white and red balloons, and drive slowly as there are a lot of deer that like to hang out nearby.

We will be staying up at our friends’ lake house for an overnight team retreat full of team building and bonding. This will begin at 3:00 PM on Saturday, March 14th and will end by 10:00 AM on Sunday, March 15th.

Apr 19 2020

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT

Monterrey Team Meeting 4 Required

Browns Bridge Church, Upstreet Room C110

We will discuss team roles, logistics, and answer any questions.


Parental Consent Form Parent/Guardian 1 (or combined with signatures from both parents) Required

Required for trip participants who will be under the age of 18 at the time of travel. Must submit original notarized form signed by both parents/guardians.


Parental Consent Form Parent/Guardian 2




  1. Application.
  2. All adults will need to submit to a Background Check.
  3. Valid Passport - Expiration date must be 6 months after trip return date.
  4. All team members must agree to the terms of our Releases, which are a part of the trip application. Adults will also review the Code of Conduct which will be sent electronically to be signed.


  1. Students should be involved in InsideOut at Browns Bridge.


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