Brief Debrief

It’s hard to believe it’s already time to write this debrief story. This trip absolutely flew by and was incredible watching the way God moved in so many different avenues throughout the week.

As an overview, I don’t think I have enough words to begin to describe this experience. In our short time there we treated over 600 patients, we learned about the way the community has flourished since learning better farming techniques, we learned about the impact of having clean water and how the infection rate has drastically improved. We saw newborn babies up to 103 year old patients. We laughed, danced, played, hugged, and loved so deep. The people of Ndibai are warm, honest, and unhindered. It was such a treat to see familiar faces and have them remember me from last year. I heard stories about growing up while Kenya was still a British Colony. I heard about how the treatment of women has changed since this community experienced Gods love. I was taught how to wrap a baby on me, how to make a traditional Kenyan dish, a lot of Kiswahili, and so much more.

We may have touched over 600 patients in our 3 day clinic, but this community will forever be imprinted on my heart. They’re just as beautiful as I remembered, so loving and joyful. They taught me so much. And I’m still just as obsessed. Nakupenda Ndibai 💜🇰🇪

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