Help Without Hurt

Just in case you didn't know, my name is Patricia Jones and I lived in Liberia, West Africa for 4 1/2 years. I was present to see the travesties of the collateral damage from years of civil war. I was present to see indigenous desperately fleeing from the surrounding areas in search of refuge. I was present to see the psychological trauma that these travesties leave behind. I was present to see the undeserved and marginalized being forgotten. I help build the first university in southeast Liberia. I taught trauma counseling and conflict mediation to hundreds of paraprofessionals and traumatized individuals. I developed, implemented, taught and graduated the first ever students with a Bachelors Degree in Guidance and Counseling. I hugged babies and dug ditches with the natives. We cried together, and I cried alone because, for as much as I did, I could never do enough. The experience pressed a passion in me because I was present to see it.

Once again, my passion to serve for God is pressing me to go to Haiti. And once again, I say I can never do enough and I CANNOT do it without you. So, above all things, I'm asking for your PRAYERS as our team prepares to serve the people of Haiti.

Take care,

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