Hello, my name is Judson Coffey. First off, I wish to thank you for simply reading this letter and not simply discarding with the regular junk mail. If you are reading this, then you have somehow influenced my life spiritually, academically, or in any of the infinite forms one can shape a young man’s life. I am very grateful for the influence that you have had on me and words cannot describe my gratitude. Now I ask you to be a special part in what will prove to be one of my most formative experiences yet.

I have known the glory of God’s love since my infancy. I have always been striving to grow in my faith and have my own relationship with God. As I have gotten older, I have realized that an important part of my faith is serving those less fortunate than I and spreading God's love to all those that I can reach. My first experience of serving others was when I went on a three day mission trip providing lunches and God’s love to those living on the streets of Atlanta. Since I started high school, I have been an active member of service organizations, as well as spending my Sunday mornings serving in my church’s special needs room. I cannot articulate the feelings that serving others give me. When I serve others I feel that I am truly doing what God put me on this earth to do. While I love serving in my local community I have felt God telling me that it is time to take the next step in my faith.

This year I have felt called to go on a mission trip to Honduras. It's a big step outside of my comfort zone, but I am confident that God will help me through it and that I can do all things through his love. I, however, don’t wish to take this journey on my own. I ask that you take this opportunity and join me on this experience. While I cannot physically take you with me, by praying about my mission trip you will be a part of my own personal journey to Honduras. I will be keeping a detailed log of my journey before, during, and after the trip to Honduras through my global(x) page (link listed below), and posting interesting facts about Honduras weekly starting the first week of March. I am beyond excited about this next step in my faith and I hope that you will make the decision to take it with me.

2 Thessalonians 3:13 “Come now, our brothers and sisters, and never tire of doing what is good.”

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