#GiveServeLove Around the World

I am thrilled to lead a trip with 7th graders and their parents this summer as we #GiveServeLove our partners in Costa Rica. God has given me a love for student/family ministry and I can't think of a better way to spend my summer vacation than to see relationships deepen between these incredible 7th graders and their amazing parents. I would have loved to go on a trip like this with my parents when I was in middle school, but it was not an option at the time. So now I have been called to lead 28 Jesus followers to a different country and spread God's love. I am so thrilled and would so appreciate for you to partner with our team through prayer.

We look forward to sending you updates and are so honored that you would consider virtually taking this trip with us through your support. God bless you and know that your involvement in this mission is just as important as the work we will be doing in Costa Rica. I would say maybe even more important as your hearts will help make this possible. So please join us in this mission :)

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