God has called us

For years I have felt called to serve the Lord on a mission trip. For many reasons, I was never quite ready to commit. Over the past year, however, this calling has been stronger than ever in my heart. To that end, I began researching opportunities to serve. I read over many possibilities, but nothing seem to strike a chord in me until one day I stumbled on a medical mission trip to Kenya. I reached out to our trip leader immediately and she returned my call the same day. She quickly asked me how I learned of this trip, as registration for it had closed months ago. She then said they were really in need as their team was very small and needed help. I immediately got goosebumps and knew that I found her through God's work. As she started to explain the trip, I suddenly felt rushed with emotions. The people in this small village desperately needed medical attention, and would wait months for doctors and nurses to come to help them. I instantly texted my husband at work the information and we were both excited to discuss it when he got home. I was so excited to tell him everything I could hardly wait for him to get home. That night he walked in the door with a small basket and a note from one of his patients. I said "what is that" and he said "this is a gift from one of my patients" then handed me the card and basket. I opened the card to find a picture of African children on the front of it and a note from his patient thanking him and saying she had donated food to an African village in his honor and this basket was handmade there. WOW! My eyes immediately welled up with joyous tears and we both just stared at each other and knew without words that God was calling on us. I've always felt I had a bigger purpose in this world and I believe this is one of them. We are both so excited for this journey! The money donated will go towards our trip, medical supplies, and food. No donation is to small and if you're unable, we just ask that you keep our team in your prayers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and may God Bless you!

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