2020 Guatemala InsideOut (Seniors)

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About the Journey

Through our partnership with 410 Bridge, this student team will head to Guatemala. Just south of Mexico, Guatemala is the most populous country in Central America. Amid the scenic landscapes, volcanoes, lush rainforests, and ancient Mayan ruins, the large majority of Guatemalans live in poverty and the country suffers from one of the highest income inequality rates in the world.
From Atlanta, you’ll fly to Guatemala City. Most teams head to the local community on the day they arrive and stay at a nearby hotel. The team will work in a high-altitude coffee farming area and learn about coffee cherry farming, which is vital to the local livelihood. Many children skip school during harvest season, so you’ll have the opportunity to see families working together, each doing their share to support one another. 
You’ll also help with a day of Vacation Bible School, play games and sports with the Guatemalan families, help with small construction projects, and visit some homes in the community. You might also have the chance to participate in a coffee-brewing ceremony. Before you head home, you’ll likely do some local shopping and sightseeing. 
Working alongside the Guatemalan people at a locally run coffee farm is a unique experience. The work you do will certainly help the community, but so will the genuine relational bonding you’ll experience as you learn about everyday life in Guatemala. If you’re interested in taking this journey, apply now!

Please only apply for ONE student trip.

New for 2020!

You're busy enough, so we're taking some things off your to-do list! We've reduced the number of individual forms you need to complete simply by adding a few questions to the global(x) application. We'll also collect your credit card information during the application process so we can automatically charge your deposit and credit it to your account once you're placed on a team. And, no more paper copies of your passport are needed. Just upload it in your application or to your ServiceReef profile and you're done!

About global(x)

global(x) provides meaningful journeys for teams to serve at-risk people in communities around the world. We want to help you combine faith and service so you can help make life better for those in need, grow your faith, and make a difference in the world.


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Cost: $2,600.00 due 3/14/2020

Application Fee: $150.00

Milestone Amount Due Date
Deposit (listed as "Application Fee") - Credit card will not be charged until placed on a team $150.00
30% of total amount due $780.00 11/29/2019
50% at time of ticketing $1,300.00 12/20/2019
80% - 5 weeks prior to departure $2,080.00 2/22/2020
100% - 2 weeks prior to departure $2,600.00 3/14/2020
Form Description Due Date Required?
Parental Consent Form - DUE BY THIRD TEAM MEETING Required for trip participants who will be under the age of 18 at the time of travel. Must submit original notarized form signed by both parents/guardians. Required
  1. Application.
  2. All adults will need to submit to a Background Check.
  3. Valid Passport - Expiration date must be 6 months after trip return date.
  4. All team members must agree to the terms of our Releases, which are a part of the trip application. Adults will also review the Code of Conduct which will be sent electronically to be signed.
  5. Due to the Final Four happening in Atlanta in conjunction with spring break...our airline is requiring that we purchase tickets for this team early. This will accelerate the team's fundraising milestone of 50%.
  1. Students should be involved in InsideOut.
  2. Only students who are current seniors (2019-2020 school year) are eligible.


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